How to Prepare for Your Commercial Remodel Project and Save Time in the Process

Plant Ahead For Remodel

Commercial remodeling isn’t easy, and if you don’t want to end up wasting a lot of time, you have to be prepared from the very start. Proper preparation will ensure that your employees don’t waste time or get stressed during this period, and that the work done to renovate your building will not interfere with your daily business-related work.


The main action required here is a thorough investigation into the work that will be required. Get a professional commercial general contractor Dallas offers to assess the situation and plan the entire renovation job beforehand. Moreover, it’s a good idea to discuss the timing of the project, so that bad weather is not likely to interfere with the work and extend the time frame.


If you really don’t want to waste any time, consider taking your entire business to another building or office area, which can act as a temporary headquarters until the work is completed. The entire move can be done in a single day, and you can have the data simply copied to another set of computer systems and devices in advance, so your employees don’t have to waste any time.


Preparing for a commercial remodel requires careful planning and good timing. If you can’t ensure that the work won’t interfere with your business, then it’s usually best to put it off until such time that you can minimize any damage and losses.

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Quick Tips for Staying on Top of Roofing Issues Before Autumn

The end of summer is a time when you have to prepare your home and roof for a lot of potential hazards. Rain, pests and wind damage can greatly affect your roof’s structural integrity, and without proper precautions, you might end up with a hefty repair bill. To avoid that, think of following these simple recommendations:


  • Make sure you check for debris and don’t let your gutters stay clogged. It’s important to prepare for a higher volume of rainfall in some areas, so plan accordingly, and don’t forget to check for any broken shingles or damaged flashing.
  • Get a roof inspection done by a professional Dallas roofer in your area. You can never be too careful, even if your roof is brand new. In some cases, the damage caused by the sun in the summer can be extensive, and a poor quality roof can be affected in no time. You’ll then have to deal with a lot of problems once autumn comes and precipitation levels rise.
  • Autumn is also a time when leaves start to fall and some animals look for shelter. Squirrels and other pests might try to use your roof and attic for that purpose, so you will have to find humane ways to remove them and effective, practical means to detect any damage they might have done.

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Celebrating the 4th of July in Dallas – Your Best Summer Vacation Yet

Celebrating The 4th of July on Vacation

A modern city combining the friendliness of Texas’ locals, the most modern technology and infrastructure and the heritage of Texas as one of America’s greatest states is the definition of what Dallas is all about. If you want to visit a city where you can really have a lot of fun while learning more about Texas and experiencing American patriotism at its best during Independence Day, Dallas is by far the best place to visit.

If you’re looking for the quintessential Texas experience, visiting Lone Star Park during the 4th of July celebrations should be first on your list. From horse racing to gambling, there is a lot to check out here, and the atmosphere will be the friendliest you’ve seen in a while.

For the best fireworks shows in Dallas and some of the best in the entire country, consider visiting Kaboom Town. On July the 3rd, this Addison location will be the scene for the most awesome parties and events in the area, and the fireworks display will definitely be worth seeing.

There are many other great places and events to see in Dallas during this time. Fair Park and Globe Life Park will also have great fireworks displays. Moreover, if you want great food, fun activities and lively music, you can also check out Ronald Kirk Pedestrian Bridge on July the 3rd.   JNT Developers found at, want to wish you and your family a safe and Happy 4th of July.

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Choosing The Best Roofing Materials

The Best Quality

“The best” is an attribute that implies a number of qualities, when we talk about roofing materials. Basically, the best materials are those that ensure several attributes of the roof.

Perfect tightness

No doubt, the best roof is waterproof, which means that it does not allow water infiltration, regardless of the amount and frequency of precipitations.


The lifespan of the roof depends on the durability of the shingles and fastening systems and how good the roofers Dallas TX has to offer do on the installation.

Mechanical strength



When choosing the best roofing system for our home, we must think ahead and take into account the implications related to energy efficiency and our thermal comfort.

Ease of installation

The ease of installation of the roof should be one of your concerns, whether you are installing the roof on your own or you hire a team of specialists. In the latter case, the difficulty of mounting the roof will undoubtedly reflect the cost of the work.

Manufacturer warranties

The warranty provided by the manufacturer should be undoubtedly one of the most important criteria to take into account when we choose the best roof for our home.


In the end, each of us will surely put in balance the quality and the price and choose the most advantageous option.

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Tips For Protecting Your Flat Roof

Flat Roof In The City

Flat roof are installed horizontally over the buildings, having a very subtle inclination, insensible for the eyes, in most cases. A flat roof can be a very good choice because it is cheaper than a sloped roof and installation is faster and easier. Another significant benefit is the efficient use of the space; a flat roof allows you to set up a terrace, install solar panels, store external units of air conditioners etc. In addition, the entire under-roof area can be used, as opposed to the other roofs, whose angular slopes make it difficult to use the attic, which is rather challenging to be furnished and arranged for living.

However, flat roofs require special maintenance by Dallas commercial roofers. If you want to protect such a roof as best as you can, you must be sure that the installation and sealing is done properly. Ponding water on a flat roof surface accelerates its deterioration and infiltrates the structure of the building. As such, a flat roof must be inspected and cleaned often. The drainage system must also be kept permanently debris-free and fully functional.

In addition, considering that flat roofs do not reflect the heat very well, you may need to consider additional solutions to remedy this problem.

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Unique Ways To Celebrate Father’s Day in Dallas

Father's Day

This year, Father`s Day occurs on Sunday, June 17. Dallas has many places and events to offer for this special day that can help you making your dad the center of attention.  As a Dallas general contractor serving your community we want to wish you a Happy Father’s Day!

Since not all parents have the same taste or enjoy the same things, you should better doo a research and start planning something.

We offer you a few sources of inspiration.

Take your dad to a hot spot where you can make a splash

There are great paces in Dallas, such as Burger’s Lake or the Bahama Beach, where you can have great water entertainment with the entire family.

Book a golf lesson

If your dad loves spending time outdoors, you can treat him with a round of golf. If he is not skilled in this sport, book a lesson for him! It will be a fun and memorable day, spent in one of the great golf clubs in Dallas.

Go to the Calvary Car Show

This event is organized every year in June and it is a great opportunity to see some of the coolest cars in history, as well as to entertain the entire family. If your dad has a classic ride, he can enter it in the show!

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Things To Consider Before Your Next Tenant Build Out project

Things To Consider

Tenant build out projects refer to leasing a space within a commercial building or even leasing an entire building, through a commercial real estate company.

Most prospective tenants are looking for private offices and rooms for additional technology, so they will need interior finishes to match their needs, as well as their company’s brand.

The project starts with hiring a designer to create a preliminary plan, based on the tenant`s program, as well as on local building standards.

The next step is signing the lease agreement by both parties and then the preliminary plan becomes the basis for the construction drawings. These drawings must include not only the new construction plan, but also a demolition plan, a power plan, a mechanical plan, new casework and windows, as well as schedules and other details about wall sections etc.

The contractor and the real estate company manage the construction costs. The lease agreement must also include specifications about the expenses and items paid by the building owner and those paid by the tenant.

Patterns, colors and manufacturers for interior finish materials are not required to be included in the drawing set, but materials are.

The complete drawing set has to be stamped by a registered architect before being submitted for approval.

Build-outs do not have to be difficult, contact the professionals at

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